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Message Subject: Request for financial support to build a house of God (Catholic Church)

Dear son and beloved daughters,

As part of building a large house (Catholic Church) to our dear Father in heaven, our God the Almighty in Bénin, Bénin parish administration asks you to kindly give your financial support for this project very important. And to make this project whose total is $ 150,000.00 ( one hundred and fifty thousand U.S. dollars), according to estimates prepared by extimate financial advice. Faced with the expensive price of such construction and the paucity of aid received, we only count on your generosity.
It says in Luke 6: 38 to … Give and you shall receive …

Please send e-mail:   

or clickContact us here! " for further information or to provide support

We thank you in advance and may God bless you and reward you a hundredfold.

Message signed by the parish administration of Benin

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